I’m a web developer with a huge love for Astronomy.  I started to play with telescopes since I was a little child. Astrophotography catch me during COVID Pandemic days.
Loving to do by my self everything is possible, from telescope controllers to Cooled CCD Camera. 
I build, till now, two CMOS Cooled Camera based on Sony ICX sensors with nice results.

My location is:
Celico (CS) Calabria – Italy
MPC Code: K72

Job Skills

  • Base Knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript.
  • API design skills with expertise in RESTful web services and design.
  • PHP programming skills, with 5 years of experience in Laravel Framework. MySQL and Postgres database with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Composer
  • Command line
  • Expertise in DBMS.
  • Experience with project management frameworks.
  • Knowledge of APIs and cloud computing tech.
  • Strong communication, leadership, organizational, and teamwork skills.
  • Knowledge and implementing AWS Cloud solutions like S3,EC2, etc.
  • Self-discipline and motivation with adherence to professionalism and work ethics.
  • Video editing
  • Languages: Italian, English B1 Upper Intermediate


Fishing…when I have free time…almost never!!!